"... the time to buy Apple stock."

Martín Varsavsky is a Spanish-Argentine entrepreneur who has founded seven companies in the last 20 years, the best known of which are: Jazztel, EINSTEINet, Ya.com and FON. We could say that Martín is the quintessential cool entrepreneur, for example he does not hunt but rides a bike and he is not fat or old and he does not wear a tie. blog where he talks about his businesses, his children and his ideas. For example, in his blog he acknowledged his alignment with the Clintons, and said that his daughter is going to Columbia University, although he lets it be seen that he has a big ego, he is perfect up to that point.

The curious thing was that a month ago he reported a meeting with Steve Jobs (Apple) and let slip that there might be some agreement between Apple and Fon (his last company), well, that's not really what is curious, but this week he recommended buying Apple shares, my dear Martin, to be a cool entrepreneur it is best not to speculate or use your followers.

28/2/2008 Post data: Maybe it was not such a good time, since, when a month ago Martin recommended buying at 134$ and today, Apple shares are trading at 120$.


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