Common sense and innovation

I live in innovation and I am passionate about it, when I finished my career in 1998 I gave up Research, I left that to Ana, when in 2005 I failed for the second time as an entrepreneur in Drema (Rural development and environmental studies) I gave up Development, but in January 2006 I found innovation and I was passionate about being able to use creativity to solve problems.

From my time at the Employers' Association, I was struck by the fact that businessmen and managers in their old age did not despise changes in their companies, that, despite their comfortable situation, they constantly sought to innovate, because they knew that this was the only way to compete, thank you because I have learned a lot from you. The day before yesterday I came up with a motto: innovate or die, by the way all the Internet domains resulting from joining those three words are free.

Constant innovation does not go against common sense, quite the contrary, and the bottom line is that, in short: taking a risk is the safest thing to do.


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