From gown to tie

Today I came up with this phrase to disseminate the creation of technology-based companies, I have to say that by chance, and because I was surrounded by two excellent midwives, paraphrasing Socrates, I know nothing but I can be your midwifeThe truth is that I wasn't looking for a written slogan but a visual one, but it came up "from the gown to the tie", which I don't put in italics because it's mine. I googled it and it is nowhere to be found, and I am proud that I came up with it, just as I am proud that when searching for "taking a risk is the safest thing to do" the only page that appears is this one. You are a superb Javier, yes, it is true, but if not, why do you make a personal blog? and besides, I don't read this one more than me.


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