Internet is a joke

I had internet connection at home in 1994, when downloading pages at 1kb/s was a piece of cake, in recent years my passion for this media has increased, but I begin to believe that innovation in this area is running out and that the figures are inflated to the ridiculous. I see a lack of coherence in the data and above all I see data with three or four zeros more than I can elaborate, I begin to not believe the numbers of entries, page views and users, and worst of all I see again crazy investments as in 2001.

In 2001 I used to run in the afternoons, there were two of us in a room of 6 square meters and I laughed when my uncle told me that, according to the market, Hispanidad could be valued at 4,000Mpts, that is, 24M€. I leave the Initiator and I think again that there are hardly any barriers to entry and that leadership is ephemeral. Microsoft won in Web 1.0, and Google won in 2.0, who will win in 3.0 only time will tell, but to insist, as the attendees did, on scratching 2.0 while looking at their navels, is to use a magnifying glass instead of a telescope to look for the future.

What a pity not to have seen this article formerly
Facebook is becoming the "google" of social networks, the network that everyone will use, and where everyone is. With these stratospheric valuations, they are not thinking about Ebitda, or even users, but those who pay so much for Facebook are clearly betting on the winner, the number one, the one that will have all the users inside. Profitability will come later... or so its investors think.


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