Internet is a joke II

A devastating fact about the internet bubble we are witnessing, each Facebook user is "worth" 238€, taken from the blog of Eneko Knörrwhich has published data as simple as the following:

-Revenues 2007: 150 million. Valuation: 100 times revenues.

-Estimated 2008 revenues: 300 million. Valuation: 50 times revenues.

Ebitda 2008 estimate: 50 million. The Price/EBITDA ratio amounts to 300 times.

-The latest figures show 63 million users: 238 euros per user (!!!!!).

Is the Internet bubble back, where the number of users was valued instead of profits?

I have already commented here, Internet users are not loyal, you can not extrapolate a revenue model of a sector such as the electricity sector to the Internet, for the last 50 years and surely, for the next 50 years we will live tied to an electric cable, but we will not be the next half century entering Facebook daily. After Internet 2.0 will come 2.5, i.e. sites that include artificial intelligence applications such as the figure of the recommender, and then... then the Internet will eventually go out of fashion like everything else.


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  1. I totally agree with you. I not only believe that we are witnessing a .com bubble but that it is going to have a huge backfire. I am not sure what Youtube is living on, because I don't see any sense in it.

  2. [...] Today I am saying that I have started using these services or networks, but tomorrow or the day after I may use others and leave these aside, as Javier said in his blog, users are unfaithful by nature. [...]

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