Internet is a joke III

As it could not be otherwise, the war for data has started, since it is the main capital of social networks, more than main, it is their only value, namely, Facebook and Plaxo have entered into war by importing data from one platform to the other, which is a lot of fun for me.

Wouldn't it be logical that the ownership of the data belongs to the user and not to the platform? Let's see if the whole house of cards is going to collapse, let's remember that today Facebook is worth 15,000M$, that is, the same as Terra paid for Lycos, a curious coincidence, isn't it?


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  1. I think it is a shame that they sell or pass on user data to each other as if we were cattle.
    But of course, by signing up when you click on "I accept" to that document that nobody reads, you are accepting that very thing.
    The LOPD has nothing to say about this?

  2. But it will turn against them, I mean, a website is valued by the number of users, but those users are public, so anyone can import their profiles from, in this case Facebook, and incorporate them into another social network; and, as you say, we are treated like cattle.
    What I don't understand is why no one did it before, now, if anyone can have the users of another website, these can no longer be valued by that number, and will have to be valued by their ability to generate real income, so the funding model of Facebook collapses and, chas, second technology bubble that bursts; I'm curious to see what happens, because this is a personal opinion.

  3. I don't think any social network can import user data, I think it's on an agreement basis, Netvibes for example, takes everything from my Facebook, but I guess they have given them permission (me too).
    In another article you said that the Internet will go out of fashion. I believe that the Internet is here to stay. Phenomena like Google, Facebook and other famous networks will go out of fashion when other truly innovative ones emerge.
    I agree that the applications that will once again revolutionize the Internet will be those that have artificial intelligence and are able to give you what you need without you telling them. Another important advance will be the evolution of microformats to take your complete profile wherever you want without filling it out over and over again.

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