Google: the King is dead, long live the King

The life cycles of information and communication technologies are increasingly short and violent, perhaps because they are not really life cycles because there is no new technology behind them either. Globalization has turned companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo or Google, more recently, into giants. These companies have succeeded by exploiting small technological advantages based on Development and innovation, and Research has been left aside, so that it has not been possible to come up with a new technology, a break with the old. Perhaps this is the problem of the North American R&D&I of the last 20 years... that it has forgotten the I; this leads to very ephemeral leaderships, although it manages to create enormous companies, given that they have a huge market to eat.

The decline of Microsoft was seen coming 5 years ago with the avalanche of lawsuits for violating the competition, the open source movement, and ultimately the disgust that began to give the windows to a large part of its users; yes, taking Windows Vista was definitive, although Microsoft has penetrated to the subconscious of the consumer and many people think that there is no life beyond Windows, but it will be a matter of time before they try Linux or Mac.

Now it turns out that the Google model of revenue based on punctures is starting to languish, Google has in its favor that it has managed to tie users with its Gmail, Google Video, Calendar, iGoogle, ... But it's all over, who will be the new king? Will there finally be a disruptive technology or will we continue to dilly-dally?


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