Swotti: finally out of the social networks

It had been a long time since something really new had come out on the Internet, we had been more than a year with social networks that went over the top, social networks in the soup, and it seems that people were getting tired of generating content for someone else to monetize.

Finally a page has come out that gives you back more than what you give it, from the very first moment, it's a Google offshoot, it is called Swotti Swotti reminds me of Lycos, because its logo is a hound, curiously, Terra is a customer of Buzztrend, which is the name of Swotti's company. Now Terra just needs to put 1Bpts (6.000M€) on the table again to buy Swotti, as it did with Lycos,... it's not going to happen.

The thing is that the little dog takes some time to look for opinions from forums and blogs about a product and manages to tag them and add them up using semantic web (3.0), almost nothing, although it has a lot of things to improve.


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