They are misrepresenting housing data

Anyone who has been looking for an apartment for a few months knows that prices are not only not going up but are actually going down, I think we are even starting to see a drop of more than 25% compared to last summer's valuation. Not only that, there are a multitude of indicators that are along these lines: 30% discounted real estate auctions, fall in the number of mortgages contracted, information from real estate portals confirming this decline, buyers who back out and leave seller and notary in the lurch, real estate stock market crashthe overvaluation, the drop in sales,…

Well, the general press, well fed by their real estate advertisers, still pretends to make us believe that the rise in housing prices has moderated, but in the meantime they publish pearls that go in the direction of oppositeThank goodness for the Internet, yes, the Internet. small and personalThe press, where the scissors of censorship do not reach and which allows us to know what is going on. Just as a regeneration of the political parties is necessary, I think it is inevitable that the press of this country should also be regenerated.

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Added July 24
Now what happens is that I do not believe this graph, I think that the price of the apartments advertised in Fotocasa has fallen much more, I am afraid that the data with which this graph is prepared have "some touches".


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