Cristina Garmendia

I believe that the appointment of Cristina Garmendia as Minister of Innovation is good news for technology-based entrepreneurs, I will start by listing the "cons" and continue with the "pros".

Cons: this ministry runs the risk of being a vase if it is not empowered, since innovation is a cross-cutting issue, like the environment, whose ministry has just disappeared. On the other hand, the fact that she is the president of Genetrix - Cellerix, i.e. of a company that has been successful in working with stem cells, is a great advantage for her. adultsand that this is in addition to the fact that in the health sector it is Bernat Soriaanother stem cell researcher, but in this case embryonicIt does not seem to be a coincidence, and it smells of politics of a different kind. I do not think that her inexperience in politics -although she comes from being a CEOE director- is a disadvantage, because at some point you have to start.

By the way, the competences over universities have passed from Education to this new ministry, the Conference of Rectors has declared that the university cannot be separated from education, that is to say, they did not like it at all. It turns out that this means putting the third object of the University in the first place; let me explain, the University has the following functions: teaching, research and knowledge transfer, now the latter becomes the primary one, which will have consequences that are difficult to predict.

Pros: she is a CSIC researcher who has succeeded as an entrepreneur in 7 years, and who is also the first success story of the madri+d system, opens the door to sweep home and support the creation of technology-based companies from research centers. Dear Cristina, if by any chance you read this, try to start by convincing your ex-colleagues that creating these companies is not prostituting Science but putting it at the service of Society, although I think you know perfectly well what I am talking about. She is a brilliant woman in all aspects, and she has already shown charisma and capacity, I think that to deal with Health, Industry, Economy,... and with Universities and Public Research Organizations she will need all that and more, good luck Cristina.


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  1. Completely agree with the assessment. I leave another in similar terms:

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