What is a disruptive technology?

disruptive, it goes.

(From disruptive).

1. adj. Phys. Producing an abrupt rupture.

Disruptive technologies are the ones that advance Humanity, for example, moving from the sled to the wheel must have meant significant energy savings; in addition, when a technological break occurs, the old paradigm, the sled, is relegated, practically disappears, as has been the case.

Disruptive is one of those words that we have abused to the point of emptying it of content, but it has such a clear sonority that we do not forget what it really means.

On the Internet it is very difficult for something to be disruptive, that is why I always recommend entrepreneurs to be cautious with this term, not even an overwhelming success like the iTunes Store is clearly disruptive because it has not ended with the traditional distribution of music and it is not yet clear that it will be the final model.

When I hear an hatchery manager say that we only select disruptive projects sounds ridiculous to me, he doesn't know what he's talking about, he hasn't understood the projects or, even worse, he's a bubblehead.

In short, not everything has been invented, but much less everything is yet to be invented.


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