Next limit: mathematics is good for something

Next Limit won the prestigious "European 2006 ICT Prize" (Maxwell Awards, recognized as the 'European Oscars' for innovation), for its fluid and light simulation products. Now, Next Limit Technologies, created in 1998 by Victor Gonzalez and Ignacio Vargas, two engineers enthusiastic about the creation of computer graphics tools based on scientific models, confirms an unstoppable international recognition after being awarded a couple of months ago by the Hollywood Academy with the 'Technical Achievement Award', considered the technical Oscar par excellence. This is the first Spanish Technical Achievement Award in 40 years.
The curious thing is that this company bases its R & D in mathematics and physics, especially the first statement is striking, because we have a mental cliché that mathematics is a closed set based on a special language; well no, in mathematics research, which means that there is still much to do, but also, from mathematical research companies can be created, and not just accounting consulting companies, but they get to do things as impressive as the three-dimensional simulation of lava from the third part of The Lord of the Rings. No more and no less, something that put Next Limitand therefore, Madrid on the map.


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