Crisis or purge

It is surprising that only a year ago everyone was encouraged to invest their money and that of others - mainly - without considering the work it would take to pay it back, but today we ourselves have reduced our borrowing capacity by half. Has the world changed so much in one year or is it that we are social animals who only see the short term?
I believe there are two types of crises, cyclical crises that lead to a superficial purge and make us value products and services more highly, and historical crises such as the Great Depression of 1929, the latter of which correct severe imbalances and bring about major changes. Whether we are facing one of the former or the latter, it will be time that passes sentence, but an objective fact is that the secondary market is double the primary market worldwide, i.e., we have reached unprecedented levels of speculation.
I think that the ideal thing to do before making a decision that affects our pocket would be to ask ourselves four questions and not to pay attention to the catastrophic messages nor to the very optimistic ones, these questions would be:
- Where am I?
- Where would I like to be?
- Where will I be?
- Where would I like to be?


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