Coming soon

For more than two years I have been watching the launching and the current explosion of social networks, today some of them are already a reality, a network, a real infrastructure.
I have been dreaming of a network for five months, and at last that "midwife" of which Socrates spoke has appeared, that Socrates is helping me to give birth to it, my Socrates is not Greek but Galician, he is not a peripatetic conversationalist either, but rather a man of action.
I can almost see it, I imagine a really useful network, vertical and in a pioneer field in the networks, the Scientist, let's not forget that the World Wide Web was born in the Swiss CERN, that is to say, in a research center, by the way, its creator refused to patent it because he saw in Internet something that could improve the world.
I see a network without tolls, without exclusions, without censorship and without advertising, something really useful from the first visit.


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