Crisis 2.3 we are taxed inversely to the value we contribute

In Spain, speculation is taxed less than work and much less than business income. If by definition, speculation is something that if it disappeared society would not notice anything, that is, we would not lack any of the things we have every day; speculation should be taxed more, that way, since it does not generate anything, at least it would leave more money for the public coffers.

This is in line with the previous message, and by the way, Volkswagen shares have already fallen from €900 to €500.


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  1. David H. Guerrero Avatar
    David H. Guerrero

    I agree with you Javier, we must start by establishing the difference between an investor and a speculator.

    A speculator has no contribution in the value chain, he only speculates that the price is going to rise and this leads to a rise in the final prices of consumer products, as has happened recently in the oil and real estate markets in the last few years.

    The asset is not revalued by the fact of buying it; it is left waiting for external agents to give it a higher value than at the time of purchase.

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