OLPC, the 100$ laptop is going to cost me 500$

I confess to being in love with the XOI am actually trying to buy one for my son who lives in the second and third world, at least for the moment. The only bad thing is that with the campaign to pay for two, that one of the computers is sent to a developing country and the other for you, the so-called".give one get one"which should cost 200$, i.e. about 160€, the XO actually costs me 474.90€, according to the following breakdown:

Amazon.co.uk Marketplace Order Summary
Items: £275.00
Postage & Packing: £50.00
Promotion Applied: -£0.00
Total: £325.00

In fact, buying the XO laptop will cost you almost 500€ in Europe, that is, not twice but five times its original price, in short, they have made a sensational project but they forgot that they had to sell it.


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