Mediocrity is the enemy of transparency

Web 2.0, that is, the one in which, in addition to reading, we are allowed to write, is bringing about a mental change in all of us who work with our brains and not with our muscles, and even more, it is exposing the mediocre.

I mean, if you have nothing to hide, why not publish it, we are not only talking about philanthropy, about publishing to "make universal knowledge grow", no, we are talking about transparency, even more necessary when public funds pay your salary.

It seems that, in Spain, the Administration is making major changes in its procedures to adapt to the digital era, the idea is to avoid wasting time and make the Administration transparent, but this clashes with the ideas of many managers, more identified with the model of Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather: A Sicilian thinks, if information can be worth money, why should I give it to you for free?. I believe that the transition to e-Government will materialize in five years, but making it transparent may never be achieved if we are not able to eliminate this type of clichés.

Carlos Blanco has just written kind of but applied to the business world


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