Are social networks sinking?

Technology reviewMIT magazine publishes an article in which it talks about the 2.0 bubble, deficient short-term exploitation plans and some social networks such as HI5 that are collapsing, while the big ones: Facebook, Myspace and Linkedin seem better prepared to weather the storm.

At this juncture it has occurred to me to create a social network for people who ride fixed gear bikes, only that I have left it without the possibility of generating income from the beginning, it will not have advertising nor any service for which is charged, so I will not have problems with the economic situation; I also have in mind that the 50% of fixier belongs to the users of the same.


3 responses to "Are social networks sinking?”

  1. David H. Guerrero Avatar
    David H. Guerrero

    Didn't you say yesterday that you were not an entrepreneur? =)

  2. David, this is not a business, but rather a hobby. Although time, what is called time, is not enough for me.

  3. The crisis is shaking everyone equally, and something similar is happening in the area of social networks. A global "cleansing" that wipes off the map those who contribute the least or have the least funds.

    In a way this is a good thing, until now there have been many generalist social networks without a clear business model, and now everything that comes out will think not only about generating a large community, but also about offering value-added services and making the investment profitable in the short term.

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