Twitter hacked. Moral of the story: don't succeed

In the race to win on the Internet, a dirty war is being imposed, which in its time already affected Menéame, one of the best Spanish websites, which had to suffer DDoS attacks, and they even asked for money to leave them alone. A DDoS is based on infecting computers that are dedicated to requesting a page in a coordinated manner, so that they come to collapse the server in question.

Now it's Twitter's turn, which has been the most successful company on the Internet in recent months, its simplicity (microblogging) and its good performance were causing a furor, besides Google treats so well the messages written on Twitter that it had become a fantastic marketing tool; in short, everything was going very well, even a few days ago it became the most successful company on the Internet. published that already had a way to generate income, thus closing a virtuous circle: good reputation, income model and unstoppable increase of users. And of course, that didn't suit someone, and so began the attacksIt may be just a coincidence that Facebook was interested in buying Twitter, or that several analysts were talking about its great potential to generate revenue. In short, a hacker who is dedicated to assessing the vulnerability of a page can be very good, but someone who acts as a mafia thug does not benefit us at all.


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  1. There are always going to be people trying to do harm, doing harm is always easier than doing something right.
    Twitter is being a revolution that is gradually catching on, it is reducing the number of emails sent and received, and is promoting a way to deal with issues quickly, obviously there will always be those who will be angry that he did not invent it 🙂
    Right now twitter is one of the services for which people would pay 5 euros a month with some more functionality.

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