Why should we be (Hispania) and not Spain and Portugal?

1. Because if we look at the map, the shape of the border is reminiscent of some Central African countries.

2. Because eleven million Portuguese and sixty-six million Spaniards add up to fifty-seven million Iberians, i.e., a heavyweight both at European and world level.

3. Because Spain already integrates four (and more) languages, so that one more - Portuguese - would not be too noticeable.

4. Because our cultures are very similar

5. Because with a united Iberia comes a united South America, since Brazil is added to the rest, almost nothing.

6. Because the growth potential is more in South America than in Asia, at least for us.

7. Because the majority of Portuguese people understand Spanish perfectly.

8. Because our TV series are hits in Portugal.

9. Because the Portuguese go to Badajoz to buy candy and cross to Tuy to fill the car's tank.

10. Because nationalism is cured by traveling, and anyone who travels to Portugal feels at home.


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  1. Very interesting reflection, Javier, I totally agree with you. I have lived several summers both in Lisbon and in a small town near Porto and the cultural leap is not too noticeable, especially if you compare it with regions like Galicia. Besides, a united Iberia would give us much more weight in Europe, and would expand the good relations with more countries, since Portugal has a better historical relationship with the UK.

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  3. And what do the Portuguese think of this plan? What benefits are there for them?

  4. I think they would benefit more than the Spanish, but both we and they will have to overcome a lot of prejudices. I thank you for the "plan", it sounds strong, but it is only a reflection, I wish it was a plan, but that happened in the Second Republic, there was a plan to invade Portugal, and that meant that Salazar aligned with Franco in the Civil War, it also happened in the seventeenth century by way of a royal wedding but it only lasted half a century. Maybe now the best thing would be an agreement and a referendum, but I am nobody to say it, I am just thinking out loud.

  5. I think the benefit is more for Spain than for Portugal, which would see even more inflation, and besides, it is a sovereign country, which under no precept would give up its own government and much less that its language would not be official in parliament ... maybe make a federated country? In any case, it is always cool to see how all the Spaniards who travel to Portugal love the Portuguese more than many Spaniards.

  6. From Canary Islands Avatar
    From Canary Islands

    The name should be the Roman HISPANIA, (the Iberia name is outdated by the airline company). If we add the Lusophone countries and the Hispanic countries (including the USA) we would surpass the Comonwealt by far, it would be the largest community of nations in the world.

    1. I hadn't thought about the comparison with the Commonwelath, but it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

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  8. Dream on! The future of the peninsula in the medium term passes through the independence of Catalonia and Euskadi. In 2050 in the Iberian Peninsula will coexist 5 different states (Spain, Portugal, Euskadi, Catalonia and United Kingdom) in the framework of the EU. The facts point to this, and if anyone doubts it, they only have to look at what is happening in Catalonia.

    1. Don't forget that we are in lean times, now we question things and even realize the superfluous expenses.

  9. Just as Spain celebrates its independence from France, Portugal celebrates its independence from Spain. If Portugal joins Spain, why doesn't Spain join France? Why should we join if the European Union already exists? And what about the United Nations? If there are no borders for financial capital, why are there borders for human capital?
    I am in favor of the proposal, but it seems impossible to me to unite a republic and a kingdom. Spain should become a federal republic in which each federated state is a voluntary member.
    Many transnational corporations already consider the Hispanic peninsula as a whole. There are many consumer products whose packaging is written in Portuguese and Spanish. I do not say in Spanish, because I consider that in Spain many languages are spoken and not only and exclusively Spanish.
    I think that both states have a common history and that their differences are more political than social. I also believe that our neighbor is our great unknown and that we need to intensify our cultural relations.

    1. Miguel Avatar

      Because France is not on the Peninsula. Because the history of France is very different from the history of
      Spain and Portugal. Not only because they were united from 585 to 711, and from 1580 to 1640, but also because of our twin relationship with Latin America, or the common reconquest against the Muslim invasion ... ect. Because French is very different from Spanish, Catalan or Portuguese. ...ect, ect, ect. The union, would not be called Spain, but Iberia, or its synonym Hispania, or Iberian or Hispanic Union, of the Kingdom of Spain and the Republic of Portugal. The king of Spain is indifferent to this union.

  10. Benancio Holley Avatar
    Benancio Holley

    Yes, of course. And who are you taking off? Iniesta? Come on, man...

  11. Sommer Avatar

    1- Subjective!
    2- Without any interest
    3- Portugal is not Spain and as such we don't care if Spain has 1 or 200 languages...
    4- Lies. While Spain reveres the cigano culture, we have nothing to do with them.
    5- Lies. Not even Spanish America is united, much less South America.
    6- Lies. Asia weighs almost 4 times more in the Portuguese economy than South America.
    7- Most Portuguese people understand CASTELHANO because it is a primitive dialect of Portuguese. This does not mean that we are willing to speak this clumsy version of the Portuguese language.
    8- Bullshit. There are no Spanish series on Portuguese TV.
    9- Yes, and this only happens when Spain is another country. The day when taxes are the same, the Portuguese stop doing so.
    10- I have traveled half the world and I am more Portuguese than ever. I cross the border and in Spain I don't feel I will never feel at home. It is dry, unpleasant, rough in its majority, and the small part that is green and woody feels as Spanish as the Portuguese...

  12. Sommer,
    I would love it if you would sign with your real name and not with a nickname you use to troll in forums. Nevertheless, glad to have your opinion.

  13. Troll? What fault do I have that your excellency does not know that Sommer is a common nickname in Portugal? And what fault do I have that it is the nickname you have given me?
    I would love it even more if your excellency did not lie to propagate your sweet potato theory. I would also love it if you left my nation in peace and quiet, because episodes in our history are not lacking demonstrating that with Spaniards/Spanish, we do not want anything...
    PS: If you don't like what the Portuguese people think of the ridiculousness of "Iberia" promoted in "Spain", then don't post such absurdities on the internet. Don't come here and then try to disguise yourself by accusing others of being Trolls for using your nickname...

    1. Of course, Sommer is a lifelong Portuguese, just like Schmidt.

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  15. Well, I would love to, at the beginning, Spain would play the role that West Germany did in the unification... but once we get over that, I think we would both gain a lot... it is evident that practically everyone enters the neighboring country and does not feel so much abroad, or at least that is my perception... the rest will come out by itself.

    1. I was not aware of the case. Curious

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