How to learn more efficiently

Source About.comarticle by Kendra Van Wagner

The aforementioned article details ten tips to be more effective in learning, which I will now quote:

1. Basics: concentration, a suitable place and order.

Don't stop learning and practicing new things.

3. Learns in a variety of ways, visually and verbally

4. Teach what you have learned to someone else

5. Use lessons you have learned to search for new topics.

6. Practice various forms of study

7. Better to look for answers than to struggle to remember things

8. Scrutinize your learning mechanics until you try to understand them.

9. Examine yourself to motivate you

10. Don't multitask while studying.

This last one touched my soul.


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  1. rosa isela narvaez Avatar
    rosa isela narvaez

    don't stop learning because of a foolish distraction.

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