Why should Google buy Twitter and not Facebook?

I think Twitter is going to be the great success of 2009 because I have already seen how it makes information fly, in fact I think it is the only application on the Internet that is faster than Google, a few days ago already. spoke of some of Twitter's advantages, advantages that have turned into envy, and envy that has given rise to a lot of people who have been able to put their finger in their eye by hacking into their servers. Yesterday and today I have seen how Twitter has been able to blow up a couple of posts in the blog I mean fast and far, by fast I mean beating the daily record of visits in two hours, and by far I mean reaching people who would never read that blog.

Google made a mistake by buying Jaiku, which is nothing more than a Twitter clone, and made it clear today by close iteasy to say it now to pasty hornbut it should have attacked the winning horse, i.e. Twitter itself. Regarding Facebook, it is not clear to me that it will be able to retain its users as long as it is possible to pass data from one social network to another, and especially when FriendFeed has entered the scene, an application that allows us to gather on the same page the activity we have in all social networks in which we participate, for example, we can have all our Flickr photos, all our Youtube videos, our Facebook activity, etc., and let's not forget that FriendFeed was created by seven ex-Google. In addition, several open source programs are emerging so that any computer geek, like me for example, can launch a social network, and those geeks will surely make specialized networks either by topic, either by geographical area that could be successful, let's say one in a thousand, but there will be many.
But for me Twitter is different for two reasons, firstly because it has grown a lot despite offering very few services, and secondly because it allows us to greatly reduce the number of emails we send and receive, and Google has Gmail which is the best email service there is; we must remember the bursting of the first technological bubble, that of 2001, at that time it was thought that a web that generated a lot of information, i.e. a portal, would be able to centralize users, shortly after it was demonstrated that the information on the Internet could migrate quickly and easily, so Terra, Lycos, and company collapsed, so that the real revolution was the e-mail and not the Internet portals.

Twitter has a lot of room for improvement because, as Juan Mateu from Solaiemes there are many people willing to pay a small monthly fee for additional services, and Twitter has a lot of services left to offer.

Updated January 21.

Twitter beats Digg

Added on April 4, 2009

Now that El Mundo y La Vanguardia echoing Google's interest in Twitter, Josek, the great Josek, says that Google will not buy TwitterAnd maybe he is right, because when these things are uncovered before time they are usually aborted, if Google was really going to share Twitter, we should not have found out, I wrote this post at the time because it seems to me that Google and Twitter are complementary, both have a great path and together, ... the milk.


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  1. thanks for the mention, yes, I reiterate, even with a small group of followers, we receive more visits when we post on the blog and announce something, and what is more shocking, there are people (technology analysts of important firms) who have added us and consulted us before using email.
    Now, the problem is when everyone who thinks they are the pretender of google tightens the rope to infinity, as it seems to have happened with digg.


  2. Totally agree on the great journey they have together, either with a purchase or with a great alliance, let's see how the talks evolve, because everything can happen 🙂

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  4. We already have the librarian and the messenger together - Javier Cuervo's Blog

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