I got tired of white wires as I got tired of black wires.

In 1997 I got my first Apple, it was a laptop and its name did not yet begin with iIt was a four-digit number; my mother had inherited that laptop from my uncle, and I had inherited it from my mother, it had a monochrome screen, it was of good quality and when you made a mistake it did the cuack of a duck; in short, a good computer.

Right after finishing my degree I bought my first iMac, the big green head did not have a floppy drive, it was, and it is because I still have it, of good quality, and it was hard to find peripherals because it only had USB, and at that time USB was a rarity of Apple.

In 2002 I bought what, so far, is the best computer that has passed through my hands, a PowerPC 733 quicksilver, a marvel that had two airplane fans, and I became the Apple evangelist for Spain, not only for the computer but also because it was a time of growth of Mac user communities, with two aspects, the forums, such as Macworld, which I was a regular, and served to answer questions and learn new things; and also the free software developers, many of the programs that were already available for Linux were released for Mac.

Then came the iPod nano, and the MacBook, and with the latter the disappointment; Apple switched to Intel processors, raised the performance and lowered the quality, but not only lowered in the processor, but worsened in many other components. However, although I was already disenchanted with Apple I bought an iPod shuffle, with which I am happy. Now the new shuffle has just come out and I am horrified to discover that it comes with a control chip in the headphones, something that is not listed among the features of the equipment; in short, today I looked at the white cables I carry in my backpack and I was saddened.


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