Open Cloud Manifesto

I read in Enrique Dans' blog that several companies including IBM, Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Novell, Red Hat, EMC and some Spanish companies such as Telefonica. They have written the Open cloud manifestoto define what will be the rules of the game for the initiatives of Cloud Computing that we are already seeing and that will become generalized as the new computational scheme characteristic of the times in which we live. Cloud computing is a metaphor for the Internet as a cloud of devices offering computing services.

The signatories of the Open Cloud Manifesto ratify six principles:

  1. Working together to ensure that fundamental adoption challenges are solved through open collaboration and the appropriate use of standards
  2. Do not use your market position to make your customers captive to a particular platform and limit their freedom of choice.
  3. Use and adopt existing standards whenever possible, to avoid reinventing or duplicating them.
  4. To resort prudently to the creation of new standards, and when necessary, to do so pragmatically, reducing the number of standards needed, and ensuring that they promote innovation rather than inhibit it.
  5. Carry out initiatives based on the customer's needs, not on the technical needs of suppliers
  6. Joint and coordinated work of all the actors involved to prevent their initiatives from conflicting or overlapping.


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  1. Yes, today it is already a reality, more things "are in the cloud", and more applications "are in the cloud", being the browser in any pc the door to the cloud. I just miss a commitment to the cloud in mobility, reduce the weight of local storage, computing capacity, and applications to install, to say that a mobile cloud is possible.

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