The Internet has only just peeked under the door

I am attending the first day of the Congress www2009I admit that I was excited to be here, I think that the Internet is where much of our future is being cooked; and there have been some things that have caught my attention: there are few geeks, indeed, I have not yet seen any T-shirt. Star wars typeAnother is the number of Macintoshes out there, of course, it's hard to find an attendee or speaker without a laptop - I haven't seen one - but I thought this was going to be a Linux preserveFinally, I am struck by the comprehensibility of the lecture I am attending on social computation, I will not deny that from time to time there are some very complex equations, but not as many as I expected, and the debates are about issues that we all understand, debates that are much further from programming lines than from social ethics or group psychology.

But what has really become clear to me is that we are only at the tip of the iceberg of the Internet, we have not seen anything, neither with the web 1.0 nor now with the 2.0, I still think that the web 3.0 IS, not will be, the mobile web, as it involves both change to have Internet in the pocket of the pants, and pass our history of clicks by refined algorithms. www2009, ie the intelligent web. This congress offers a more academic context, less geeky, why not say it, of the Internet, from this more sober perspective it can be seen that we have no idea how far the Internet is going to go, we do not even know where we are heading, what seems clear is that we have Internet for a while.

Added at 14:00. I take back what I said about the geeks, my vision was biased because in my room they were mostly Asian, and because I did not go down for coffee, but after lunch, it is clear, there are geeks to bore.


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  1. The Internet is so much in its infancy that it is almost an obsolete technology. In fact, I do not believe that in the near future we will call anything Web 3.0, but rather that we are expecting a few (quite a few) years of rapid evolution in the network, an evolution that is less and less perceptible and without such differential leaps as from Web to Web 2.0. Just look at how the Semantic Web is going, for now positioning microformats already within searches, and evolving non-stop in this respect, until the day when everything will be truly semantic, but it will not attract our attention so much because we will be used to it thanks to the intermediate steps.

    Regarding the mobile Web, you are absolutely right, it is an unstoppable revolution that is already here in some sense, but the real mobile Web will take some time to arrive, and it is going to be something much more impactful than connecting to the Internet from the mobile. The mobile is going to become the nerve center of our lives (until the day we carry an implanted microchip or something similar), and I'm sure we'll see some really revolutionary things in this regard not too long from now.

    By the way, if you see a very smart and, above all, very pretty researcher around WWW09, let us know so we can hire her some day 😛 XDD

  2. @JoSeK: I start at the end: flirting in www2009 has more merit than flirting in San Fermin, I'm afraid. I agree, but with a nuance, putting intelligent systems or semantics in the web will be something gradual, I don't think it will take long but it will be progressive, now, bringing internet to the mobile is something imminent in a massive way, because the hardware already gives it, because the software already gives it, because the network already gives it and because pulling Wikipedia in a tavern discussion is priceless.

  3. Yes, cell phones already access the Internet, and it is very useful, but I am convinced that what in a few years we will call Mobile Web is something very different from accessing the Internet via cell phones.
    The truth is that, in general, flirting in a scientific congress is not to be taken seriously, but hey, every once in a while you see some "interesting" scientist 😛 XDDDD

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