And people are not hearing about it

In case it had not been clear, I am attending the www2009 in Madrid, the annual world congress of Internet, here are both researchers from public centers and managers of large Internet multinationals. The Internet will be, regardless of whether companies manage to monetize it or not, it is irreversible, and its social impact is much greater than its economic impact.

The Internet is going to enter our lives and it is going to stay, but people do not know about it or do not want to participate in it, gentlemen, the rules of the Internet are being set, and later it will be too late to complain, and they are being set here, in the www2009. This morning I followed the conference of Neel Sundaresan in a small room with no more than 40 people, this gentleman is the director of ebay research labs, and this gentleman spoke about the reputation of ebay buyers and a new method of calculation; what a nonsense, isn't it, especially when a gentleman from Cambados sells towels to half the world through ebay, and I say, that gentleman from Cambados is also in the real economy, he pays his taxes and consumes goods and services, isn't he? The fact is that this gentleman from Cambados can see his business position substantially modified depending on what the good Neel Sundaresan has been telling here today without having too much pomp, but what it will have are important consequences for the gentleman from Cambados who goes down to Portugal to buy towels and sells them through ebay.

What is happening here can be compared to what happened in the early eighties when several companies started to create operating systems for computers, at that time there was no agreement, and today we inherit the dominance of Windows, the Mac OS alternative,... The people here, the companies here have already been born with a global vision, remember that Google or Yahoo were born already competing in global markets, so that this time, probably they will choose to adopt standards on which each company will develop products.

Standardization in computing has obvious positive consequences, we can exchange both hardware and software and we don't need to learn too many new things, but on the other hand it makes the systems more vulnerable, to prove it it is only necessary to ask a Windows user (90% of PCs) and a Mac user (5% of PCs) about the incidence of computer viruses in their life; in the case of Mac viruses were (and are) very rare, while for computers under Windows they have been (and even are) a nightmare.


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