New working methods www2009

One of the things that is surprising me most about www2009 are the working techniques I am seeing, for example: hardly any paper, one man = one laptop, I am writing this post from my cell phone, but the most impressive thing was undoubtedly yesterday's debate about lines of research for linking data on the webIn this debate, the use of a wiki to publish the conclusions. The result was total transparency and traceability, but the medium used conditioned to some extent the agenda of the round table, on the one hand, since it was similar to preparing a questionnaire and then answering it, it forced to go to the point constantly; the bad part is that the most heterodox solutions ran the risk of being left out of the wiki. Discussions are slower and colder, precisely because they follow the points on the screen index, so there is hardly any room for dibagations; and of course the meeting loses humanity, this is the price of seeking productivity above all else. I can't imagine the Tuplaza people and their Marketing fridays here.
At another time, and with a slightly larger keyboard, I will return to this topic, as it seems to me that the wiki can be a good tool for organizing a discussion and documenting it.


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