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I dedicate this one to Javier Martín from Loogic, Javier has been in some of the most important controversy than another one about sponsored blog posts, and it has helped me to get rid of the complexes of speaking well of a commercial product.

Three weeks ago I bought a Nokia E71, which, with a one and a half year contract, cost me 199€, in three weeks, an electronic gadget addict like me has already had time to try it out.

The E71 does everything and almost everything well, I only put a downside and is the slowness that have geopositioning programs, in particular Google maps and Nokia maps, both work very slowly. Now, the rest is very good, namely:

is small and not ugly

the qwerty keyboard works well and the display is adequate

the camera is good for what is available today

wifi, bluetooth and 3G are working well

the sound is very good

and there are a lot of free applications

This cell phone has made me realize the enormous potential that you have to carry the Internet in your pocket.


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