As life happens, I happen to be a chemist, that is to say, nanotechnology is close to me, because I believe that it is from chemistry that the idea can be better understood.

Something as broad as the so-called nanotechnology, is a set of sciences and techniques that have in common the distance scale in nanometers, that is, the billionth part of a meter, a scale that until recently was almost in limbo of research projects. Hardly any work was done, and much research was done on the sub-nanometer scale, between the 21st century and the first part of the 20th century, which led to the emergence of atomic models, the uncertainty principle, etc... Much progress has also been made at higher scales, for example in microelectronics.
What does the nanoscale entail then? It means designing the big from the small, ordering a few molecules to produce an effect in the material, at the macro scale, that they would never have without that order, it means building invisible tubes, microscopic reactors, almost molecular sensors,... In short, it means endless new possibilities for most scientific disciplines. A revolution.


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