Portufilia, or how to unite Spain and Portugal

Until last week when postulated In public, a Spain united with Portugal, an Iberia, Hispania, or whatever we want to call it, seemed to people a nice possibility; but on Friday the International Olympic Committee decided that the 2016 Olympic Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro, and I have imagined, for four years later, in 2020 in this case, a Games in Iberia that would put Latin America under the gaze of the World; And why not also imagine a Portugal united with Spain; of course, telling this in public provokes a bit of fun, that's why I write it here, so that no one finds out. But higher towers have fallen, what would happen if...?

1. We would have the same currency. Ah, that's already

2. We would have a homogeneous fiscal framework, the Portuguese VAT is 20%, and ours will be 18% in 2010, so we are getting closer.

3. Spanish will be spoken in Portugal, this is also on the right track.

4. The AVE would link Madrid and Lisbon in three hours, for example in 2013

5. Some administrative procedures will be accepted with Spanish in Portugal and vice versa, note that Spain has experience in co-officiality.

6. A semi-federal framework for the decentralized transfer of taxes would be created, something that we already know about here as well.

7. Portuguese and Spanish MEPs lobbied in unison.

8. It would be in our interest to go to the European Parliament under a single constituency.

Maybe it's a dream, maybe it's not as far away as we think, and I'm sure you can think of a point 9, 10, 11, ....


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  1. lcluengo Avatar

    Maybe if we think from the Portuguese point of view:
    9. Portuguese would be mandatory in border areas, which it is not.
    10. Philip II did not recognize the obvious: Lisbon was the natural capital of two Atlantic empires.
    11. how many Portuguese writers do you know? two?

  2. 1- Portugal should leave the euro. No one should decide our destiny but ourselves, much less Spain.
    3- Spanish will never be spoken in Portugal. After Socrates the number of students of Castilian fell to 1/3 (of the little more than 9000 that existed at its peak), and it has lost even to Mandarin. The only mandatory languages in Portugal are English and French and that makes sense.
    Just to finish, the absurd way in which he apologizes for the imposition of Spanish in Portugal is more than enough reason to not even take into account what his excellency proposes.
    4- Fortunately Portugal decided not to build any AVE. There is no need for any and much less to link Lisbon to Madrid...
    5- Nobody wants to know about your co-officiality. The co-officiality of languages in Spain gives calafrios in the spine of any Portuguese. It is absurd, it is disproportionate, it is centralist and it is alien to us...
    6- Portugal is very happy with its centralized tax system. In 1996 there was a referendum for the formation of autonomies in Portugal. It was defeated with 61% against 35%. In short, the Portuguese do not want any decentralization. Portugal is Portugal and it is centralized because the Portuguese want it to be.
    7/8- Portugal must quickly leave the European Union. This is the debate that has been going on in Portugal since 2008, this is the future that the Portuguese want...

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