Crouching or showing off

Taking a risk is the safest thing to do

We are living in troubled times, and I believe they will be even more troubled. At this moment we have two options: hide and wait for the rain to fall or take a gamble. Obviously each person and each circumstance is different; but it is not my intention to advise anyone, but only to give my point of view.

Many people around me have chosen the first option, the raincoat, and their number is growing every day, in many cases there is no justification for this behavior. The pre-apocalyptic news has transformed characters into servants; into people capable of following orders without complaining, and the first orders are those of the television, and if the TV says that we have to save, let's save.

The impossible is the ghost of the timid and the refuge of cowards.

Napoleon Bonaparte

We live in a pendular country, where we have gone from paying for sunglasses in six easy installments to suffocating SMEs. We live in fear because fear sells, but we continue to make the same mistakes: the global derivatives market continues to double the real market, income from speculation continues to be taxed less than income from work. And little progress has been made in putting the cat out of the bag; I am referring to controversial issues such as the civil service statute or Internet gambling. And now is the time. Rarely do we have a window of opportunity for structural change as we do at the present time. And entrepreneurs and investors, beware:

Procter & Gamble was born in the Panic of 1837.

General electric was born in the Panic of 1873.

IBM was born in 1888, during the Great Depression.

General motors was born in the Panic of 1907.

United Technologies was born in the Great Depression of 1929.

FedEx was born in the oil crisis of 1973.


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