For the ego dies the blogger #manifesto

I have two pieces of news for you, one good and one bad. The good news is that websites will no longer be shut down without judicial authorization. The bad news is that the Internet is not neutral and will become less and less so.

The Internet is not neutral since several operators cut P2P. I am afraid that the first decade of the 21st century will be remembered as the golden years of the Internet.

A peer-to-peer (P2P) network, or peer-to-peer network, is a computer network in which all or some aspects of it are functioning without customers ni servers fixed, but rather a series of nodes that behave as equals to each other. That is, they act simultaneously as clients and servers with respect to the other nodes in the network.

Source Wikipedia

These peer-to-peer networks are a way to improve information transfer, there are many researchers working on P2P, they provide power, delocalization and optimization of communications. But depending on the Internet provider you have contracted, you have them cut or not, that is to say, you may have contracted something that comes mutilated.

A few days ago, the Minister of Culture presented a draft bill limiting Internet freedom, a collective quickly organized itself and launched the Manifesto in defense of fundamental Internet rights, a movement in support of the manifesto self-generated from the social media, and eventually jumped to the mass media.

The Ministry reacts by convening a meeting of representative and respected bloggers with 18 hours' notice, and gives them a hard time before reaching the most contentious issues, hours later the President of the Government rectifies one of the critical points, that a judge is not necessary to close a downloading website.

No influential collective, such as that of bloggers, would have accepted such a meeting, but, first of all, bloggers are not a collective organized from the top down, like a ministry or an association. The Internet is self-organized, it is an emergent system in itself, it is a beautiful and anarchic country without flag and without border, it is a mirror and a source of inspiration of the 21st century.

The bloggers who attended, or who we attended because they deserve all the respect I have to represent the social mediaThey accepted the meeting because they are organized from below, because they are thinking about the commons and because they could not resist uploading a photo of the room, writing a tweet from there or a post told in first person, that is to say the ego, and I think the ego is inherent to the blog.

In tonight's radio talk shows, they have separated Internet users from human beings, they have idenified the Internet with a Far West where thieves and pedophiles roam free. In short, they have begun to pave the way for further curtailing freedom on the Net. Radio talk show hosts are people capable of giving ex cathedra opinions today on drug trafficking in Afghanistan and tomorrow on the economic situation of Inmobiliaria Colonial. And above all, they are in the pay of the mass media. And let's not forget that the real war is being waged between the social media and the mass media, 10 years ago the ratio mass media Vs. social media was 99 : 1, but today it may be 80 : 20, and rising.

The same stoners pass through the Internet as on the Gran Via in Madrid, but on the Internet it is much easier to hunt them down because everything leaves traces, and not on the sidewalk of the Gran Via. Politicians are used to have areas of power and that the sum of these areas is equal to the whole country they govern, but the Internet cannot be subdued, it is out of control, it is a beautiful self-managed anarchy; and they do not like that.


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  1. Very much in agreement. I loved the reference to "the a

  2. Hello, Javier:

    Very good post, although I don't agree 100%. While the blogger has a big ego, I don't think edans & company would agree to go to that meeting.

  3. I am not criticizing those who went, indeed, I would have done the same in their place. But I think this has been a cleverly managed trial balloon, and has ended up in a war between mass media and social media. In the meantime, net neutrality continues to be fractured.

  4. Yesterday the Sustainable Economy Law was approved, which allows to close websites without judicial authorization; one more step towards the political control of the Internet. Let's enjoy the moment.

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