Change doesn't care about your opinion because change is

We are in a time of change, but we have also been fortunate enough to live through a historic change, one per century at most.

There have been a series of circumstances such as the increase in inequalities between rich and poor, an environmental crisis, new communication networks, attacks that we thought were impossible... Circumstances that are leading to a change in mentality at a global level. We begin to see ourselves as a collective, the commons is in our heads, creativity is no longer bad but good, freeing knowledge generates knowledge, and it does so around us, so if we are a little smart we can make money with it.

In short, the world is changing and that change is accelerating. The only way out of this change is to win or lose, and to win we must understand what is happening. To try to prevent the free distribution of information is to put gates in the field, it is to ignore the current situation, it is, in short, to show a very narrow vision.

The change does not care about your opinion because the change is. So let's stop arguing about how to remunerate artistic creation, about whether record labels have already lost thousands of jobs, or whether newspapers are ERE than ERE. Renew or die.

Let us focus on benefiting from this situation, I believe it is possible, because productivity is going to skyrocket in the coming years, and there are plenty of challenges to occupy us all. Let us forget about the oligopolistic doomsayers, the refractory to change and the emperors of ruin, because they are doomed to change, whether they like it or not. Let us think about solidarity and sustainability. Although they are nice words, they do not have to stop being profitable, let us think about where we want to be and let us adapt to this beautiful wave, because it can take us to the shore and, in addition, make us have a good time surfing; if what you want is to stop it, you will wear yourself out so that it ends up passing over you.


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  1. You are very right, besides, change usually brings positive things, although at first we try not to see them.

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