Damaged by technological progress: unite

Subrealism has settled in the Spanish cultural elite, or rather in its intermediaries. This morning I was surprised to hear one of those intermediaries proclaim himself affected by technological progressBut they didn't use that name when compact discs appeared to replace vinyl and tape. Those CDs were the panacea, because, according to what they said, they sounded great, they were smaller, and it was even said that they were uncrackable; the fact is that they were much cheaper to manufacture, distribute and store, and they were, and still are, fungible material, while vinyl is inventoriable.

The union of those affected by technological progress is urgently needed, I propose from here that:

- Photographic development laboratories

- Letter carriers

- Stokers

- Stonecutters

- Bus ticket agents

Join forces so that their voice is heard and we can address together their demands to restore the status quo.


4 responses to "Damaged by technological progress: unite”

  1. Very successful, I like it very much.
    Best regards!

  2. They were sorcerer's apprentices: how much innovation was there in turntables in 30 years, only the diamond-headed needle. They jumped on CD, managed to stop the digital cassette and thought they would control the change.

  3. pilar purroy Avatar
    pilar purroy

    You also forgot to mention telephone operators and laundresses.

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