They bark, therefore we ride, friend Sancho.

There is no worse censorship than that which we impose on ourselves, or no worse wedge than that of the same wood.

This blog has already reached the lowest level that can be reached, that of becoming a self-help tool of its editor, I use it to unload the bad blood that gets in me, so I thank you for having come this far, and I will understand that, for the sake of your mental health you do not continue reading.

I switch to positive mode.

Entrepreneurship is not starting but doing, that is, finishing. An entrepreneur is both someone who creates a company and someone who revolutionizes a company from within. Focus on what you want to achieve, try to change the world, do not be shy, today more than ever is in your hands. Question your idea a hundred times and let a hundred people who love you question your idea.

When you have it clear, look for the springs to do it, do not lose focus and follow that direction. The day to day will make you meander to overcome the difficulties, but remember where you are going, you want to change the world, there is no time to lose, overcome the obstacles and listen, listen a lot but do not lose heart; do not be influenced by those who do not like you well. Always remember that their barks are synonymous of your good path, smile at them and go ahead.


3 responses to "They bark, therefore we ride, friend Sancho.”

  1. Entrepreneurship is a "roller coaster" process where you go through all possible phases. Always with the goal in mind, you have days where you see everything wonderful and days where you feel in the deepest of miseries. Reading some books about entrepreneurs, it encourages me to see that even those who are now multimillionaires, in their beginnings had their bad days, their days, their anger and frustrations. Entrepreneurship is "to be heavy", to persevere in spite of everything, and also something that fills you with illusion and gives you reasons to fight.

  2. I agree that entrepreneurship is not just starting, however it is the necessary leap and the "declic". Then you have to be an entrepreneur, in the difficult and good moments, and in each of these moments they love you well or badly...
    The focus should not be lost but sometimes you will wonder if you keep it or if you are like this fly that hits a hundred times against the glass. That's what it is to move forward, to overcome the obstacles as you say, and not to crash against them.

  3. The sentence that heads this post is not like that. Sancho is not enough. The origin of this phrase is explained here:

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