What's going on? What can I do?

What is going on?

We are living through the worst crisis since 1929, we are at the turning point that will mark whether we overcome it now, or, if not, we have to go back to the crisis of the seventeenth century to find a worse one. There are contradictory signals, but one thing is certain, analysts will surely be wrong, and it won't do you any good to make guesses and try to predict the future; what will help you is to try to change it, and it is in your hands, but I'll talk about that later.

This crisis has three causes: the main one is the combination of speculation and indebtedness, the second is of values and the third is environmental. That is why it must be fought with: real economy, solidarity and sustainability.

What can I do?

Fight, don't give up.

If you are employed, work more, stop thinking about how bad things are and do your bit to get ahead. If we think that the economy is doing well, the economy will do well. If we all think that the economy is going bad, the economy will go bad. Start from within, push. Now that fear is in the air, a subordinate who pushes is a blessing for a fearful boss.

If you are unemployed, start something, look for a job, create a company, no matter how small, you are in a moment of opportunities; when we go up again you will have a big market for you. Position your personal brand, create a blog, let yourself be seen. Now it is possible to open a window, and say hello world. Relate, the combination of a blog, Twitter, Linkedin and various events is infallible.

You will feel cornered
you will feel lost or lonely
you may wish you had never been born.

I know very well what they will tell you
that life has no object
that it is an unfortunate business.

Then always remember
of what I once wrote
thinking of you as I think of you now.

José Agustín Goytisolo (Words for Julia)

One fact, which is not talked about too much, is horrifying: we already have more deaths by suicide than by traffic accidents. Suicide is an act of cowardice and idleness; I mean, they do not commit suicide in poor countries, because they have enough to manage to eat; those who have their needs covered, and have enough free time to feel sorry for themselves, commit suicide. You commit suicide when you throw in the towel, when you stop fighting, it is, therefore, a cowardly act.

If you were smart yesterday, you can't be dumb today.


4 responses to "What's going on? What can I do?”

  1. Chapeau for the post! And excellent reflection in the last paragraph about suicide.

  2. To take away some of the iron on the subject of suicides, which I find tragic and a symptom of a more serious social cancer ... Maybe there was a lot of smarty-pants?
    If yesterday you were smart ... now it's your turn to work. Come on, you can !!!!

  3. Chema, there you have hit it.
    In that case, they are right to be afraid.

  4. Well, maybe positivism is not completely useless. I agree that the crisis is worse the more you believe it, but I had never been unemployed for a year and a half. My method was, however, just the opposite; I applied Murphy's Law, agorerism. I thought, fuck it! with all this free time I have, I'm going to do something fun with my life, I'm sure I'll do it and I'll get a job that will ruin my plans. Said and done, I hadn't even started to enjoy myself when I got my first interview in a year and a half of CVs. I got a shitty job that will allow me to keep eating but I can no longer do all those fantastic things I had planned to do. Another near-success in my life!
    But look, all in all, I don't give up. One of the projects was, Voila, a BLOG. So when I saw your post I couldn't resist and here I am, giving you a hard time with the only purpose that, if you want, you can take a look at it.
    Best regards.

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