The Emperor's New Clothes

Once upon a time there was a wise emperor of a country called Buzzlandia. This emperor read daily proclamations to educate the Buzzlanders. Every morning he would recite from his balcony a wise counsel that the Buzzlanders listened to attentively as the wise emperor would warn them of what was to come, whether it was good or bad. The Buzzlanders were able to listen to a conversation from a great distance, so they did not need to leave their daily chores to understand what the emperor wanted to convey to them every morning.

One fine day the emperor learned that a great circus was coming to Buzzlandia. He savored the good news with satisfaction and went down the stairs leading to his desk giving news of it to all those he met on his way. While the emperor was working hard to compose his best message, several courtiers appeared in the room and advised him to treat the proclamation with solemnity. The emperor was not in the habit of being solemn with his proclamations, preferring to give them a more popular air, but he accepted, given the importance of the news.

So that morning's message simply invited Buzzlanders to attend that afternoon's public reading of a very special proclamation. The emperor will read a proclamation from the street! they said in unison. And the emperor who, like them - even more than them, had a great ear; the emperor was startled and looked frightened at all the courtiers accompanying him, seeking an answer, an advice. One of them at once proposed:  Your Majesty, make yourself a suit, the occasion deserves it.. The others nodded.

The emperor had never had a suit of clothes made for a ceremony; indeed, he despised that kind of pomp. So he said to them: is fine, but it should be simple and original. The courtiers recommended that he go to Esteban the worker, a perfectionist and visionary tailor who anticipated the fashion trends of Buzzlandia. Quickly two footmen dragged Stephen out of his workshop. The poor man could only take a bite of an apple he was about to eat for lunch, as he did every morning. He reluctantly left the apple carefully on the table and had himself escorted to the palace.

Stephen decided to make a suit of air of wisdom; he locked himself in a room of the palace and a few hours later invited the emperor to put it on. The emperor noticed that the air of wisdom was not very warm, although it was very comfortable. He was more concerned with the reading of his proclamation than with the ways in which he was going to do it. As soon as the palace door opened, a minstrel who was there exclaimed with a grimace: the emperor is naked. The emperor looked at him with contempt and the people did not dare to convey this message to each other except in his ear. The carpenter who writes these facts indicated: this suit does not seem to be suitable for him. This time, the emperor looked at this humble carpenter with a firm air, as if inviting him to maintain the solemnity of the act.

The message was running through the catacombs of Buzzlandia because no one dared to raise their voice until the General arrived, a very popular man among the young warriors of that country. The General raised his voice to say: Your Majesty, in addition to being naked, you carry a saber in your hand instead of the bando

The infantas have helped in the writing of this story: Mercedes, Pilar y Cristinaas well as the infants Javier and Emilio. This humble carpenter invites you to continue it.


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  1. Javier: good post is this the first chapter of "The Dethroned Prince"?

  2. @Luis Casas Luengo: Thanks Luis, I think that events are happening worthy of being narrated, now that the end ... who knows.

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