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A few days ago José Carlos Cortizo wrote in his blog The death of the PC in which he discussed the convergence of devices that has been talked about for several years. The fact is that it is already here. Some talk about the merger of hardware and software, others about hardware as a commodity (a good for which there is demand); the concept of mobility and cloud computing is also gaining momentum. A server believes that Internet 3.0 is marked by mobile devices as the central axis rather than by intelligent systems or the semantic web. The latter are for later, but now the Internet is already on the mobile and is here to stay.

Watching a four year old interact with a computer is useful to anticipate trends, why? Because they are already digital natives and you will be digital native or non-native, but digital in any case. Children see, not computers but even screens, as windows to the World; they do not distinguish between a mobile, a laptop, a desktop or a TV because they are all screens to talk and listen to the World. Of course, some are bigger and others smaller, some do few things and others do many.

The day before yesterday I bit the apple, and that's five. Steve Jobs knows what I'm going to want before I want it myself. It's been many years with his gadgets and I know they are weak in features, limited in possibilities and expensive. But you plug them in and they work. I had proposed Switching to Linux, it pains me to admit it, but I haven't. What are the three keys to Mr. Jobs?

1. Is an extreme perfectionist, practical minimalist who has been lucky.

2. He's a marketing wizard, he invented the community manager with Guy Kawasaki 25 years ago

3. You must have talent in your team because they make good software that is easy to use.

What is Apple's Achilles Heel? That the software doesn't sell well in mass markets. How do you solve it, you buy the hardware from me and I'll give you the software. Apple DVDs can be installed on more than one computer, and even today I am surprised why it is not massively installed on PCs; because it can be done, especially when the processors that Apple installs, like those installed by most PC manufacturers, are Intel. But Steve Jobs is a very smart guy and carefully designs his gadgets and dresses them with a first division marketing halo.

Why haven't they realized that we live in small apartments and need computers that take up little space? Why haven't they realized that we are full of cables and plugs? Why haven't they realized that besides being powerful they must be beautiful?

It's time for software because that's where the difference is made. For example, they have made a software to turn your Samsung TV into a computer with Linux. The hardware is already there and it is in the software where there is a great window of opportunity to develop new products and services; another thing is how to protect the exploitation rights of that software because patents are an invention of the nineteenth century when the closest thing there was to software were poems.


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  2. First of all thank you very much for linking my post 🙂 You know that I totally agree with the approach, it is again the time of software, after a few years in which the hardware was imposed above all. And we are seeing it with the flourishing of many App Stores (primarily for cell phones, but also for other types of devices or approaches, even Layar is going to have its App Store).

    And to be honest, I like the fact that this is the software moment again. We developers are going to have a great time :=)

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