Why didn't I think of that?

This was a foregone conclusion,

economic growth based on indebtedness and speculation,

the growth of inequalities between rich and poor,

consumerism injected into our veins from our earliest childhood,

the lack of values beyond accumulating things that we do not have time to enjoy,

throwing shit into the sea, the air and the earth thinking that they are very big and will bounce it back to us.

All that had to lead us to this situation, to not knowing who we are and much less what we want. Of course, after that we look back and see ourselves indebted and unsatisfied, but it is too late, now it is time to stop consuming as if it were forbidden and start working to pay our debts, or did we think that the bank gave money away for free? Anyone could have guessed ten years ago this situation but nobody did, it is what in economics is called a black swanIf we are used to seeing white swans, it does not occur to us that we will encounter a black one.


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