The fair is dead, long live the concon fair

Open green
has become the fair of collective intelligence and the carnival of open innovation. It has also been the circus of the 21st century and the bonfire of the vanities of the 20th.

Open green is born in a world that has died. I remember my Asturian childhood when we waited anxiously to visit the Gijon Trade Fair and get a white cork plane that flew propelled by a slingshot, today my children find that plane in the mall, they can touch it and even play with it, the same day it is presented in public.

In order to build the space of the School of Industrial Organization in SIMO, we started from two rules that ended up lighting, without knowing it, the concon fair, that is: an event of content and contacts.

The rules were simple, the first: design activities that people would go to regardless of whether it was held at SIMO or at La Puerta del Sol; the second: align everything with the EOI Plan 2020.

And it worked, the light was made, people learned, devirtualized and had fun. The fair of the XXI Century is the concon fair.


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