Stories without a moral I - Ramón the cyclist

Ramón is from Villaverde. The penultimate ERE of Telefónica put him at home at the age of 52. I met him today cycling through the Casa de Campo on my way home from work. With a classic jacket and jersey, with a fibrous structure and a sharp face, Ramón is a man angry with the world he has had to live in.

He overtook me, lifted his foot a little and said: is a very nice handlebar. I thanked him. Do you do the whole Anillo? I come from Villaverde and I do the whole thing. Ah, you ride your bike to work; that's better..

He rode a mountain bike from '90 but it was perfectly tuned; he bought it almost new from his nephew in '97 for half of what it had cost him seven years earlier. And he went over it every day with the care with which he machined the parts at his job.

Ramon rides his bike 30km every afternoon to get away from the bar where his ex-shopmates live. Ramon is angry at a world that has made him an invalid without being one. I fear that Ramón could teach many things to the mechanics of the new bike shops, and I fear that Ramón could teach the love for things well done to the rest of us.


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  1. It doesn't have much to do with it, but it reminds me of the fashionable phrase that the INEM is the largest company in the country... better, with examples like Ramón's, we could say that the INEM is the largest knowledge bank in the country.

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