Historias sin moraleja II Fernando Largo

Last week died Fernando. As every time someone dies, if you had never met him and read the chronicles you get the feeling that the world revolved around him; believe me, before his death the only one who thought that the world revolved around him was Fernando himself, and that was his mistake; Fernando had more enemies than friends, but the latter admired him deeply. Fernando would have been one more in the world of mathematicians because his introverted character and his forceful reasoning would have fit better in the circles of Algebra and numbers than in the ones he walked in.

Fernando was a musician, music producer and chigrero - he owned a bar. He turned a seedy Oviedo brothel into a bar with a Guinness sign on the door. At his house, Casa Dorna, I could only see him smile when he came back to his chigre and told him good evening chigreroThat word flooded his face with pride and joy and, above all, removed his hard man's armor to put on the bar an extreme sensitivity, because Fernando was tremendously sensitive, that's why it hurt him so much that his world did not want him; that's why he put on an armor that reflected the light, but he was really brilliant without the armor, although few people would deign to look inside.

As a good mathematician he had a point of extreme brilliance that would have earned him The Fields Medal. Catuxaone of the most beautiful songs of the new folklore. But there is no medal for brilliance in music, much less for someone who goes his own way and confronts the prevailing ideology in his guild, in this case the Asturianist independence movement of the 80s.

Fernando disowned the harp, although he even took it away from the father of the modern harp on a record, Alan Stivellanother weirdo. Fernando just wanted to close the bar from the inside and start playing a perroflauta wistle and invite us to güisquis that we could not even appreciate 6 hours before; he explained them to us and they tasted like glory. What I have learned from you.

Fernando did everything he set out to do, he just wanted to place a granite menhir from Porriño on an Asturian mountain to celebrate the summer solstice; let's see if we can finish the task for him.

See you later, my friend


4 responses to "Historias sin moraleja II Fernando Largo”

  1. Beautiful tribute, Javier. And may there always be weirdos...

    1. Thank you Leila

  2. Jorge Méndez Avatar
    Jorge Mendez

    Those words brought back fond memories, and since I considered myself one of his friends I'm glad to know that more people appreciated him.

    Best regards.

  3. I have been away from Asturias for many years and have just learned of his death.
    I consider myself privileged to have shared unforgettable moments with Fernando Largo.
    He even taught me how to throw the Guinness, hehehe, what patience.
    Bon voyage my friend.

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