How to choose between Apple or Google

As long as Microsoft does not make a leap, the choice is between Apple and Google; with the caveat that if we stay with Apple we can stick with Google but if we choose Android - Chrome OS - we will be hackers if we are able to maintain our hardware with manzanita. I've been trying for two years to decide who I'm going to keep, and I haven't concluded anything but I want to show you the pros and cons. It is in the phones and tablets, which is where the future will be played, that is to say in the devices that result from crossing a computer with a phone, in the famous PC-mobile convergence that has been talked about for five years. In mobility, the outlook is as follows: Nokia has shot itself in the leg with Symbian, a software released in a bad wayBlackberry is lagging behind and Microsoft is absent although it is expected.

Apple, in my case, has an additional advantage which is the 15 years I have been using Macintosh, but in any case Apple represents a good user experience in the first place; they are nice, smell good and are easy to use devices; they need little time to get used to them or to migrate from one to another; in the second place is the design and quality of their products. But let's not forget that Mac users were, and are, sectarian; Apple fed the illusion for its products through a common enemy - nothing unites more than a common enemy - which was none other than Microsoft. Now Apple is worth more on the stock market than Microsoft and we no longer know what to do. As a sect, it does not deal well with open environments, and ends up imposing its rules. Apple is the daughter of a genius sick of perfectionism, the first-born son of Steve Jobs, a sullen and brilliant man, a person capable of anticipating trends and destroying people. Apple makes proprietary software and sells Disney-style content.

In practical terms Apple costs you twice as much money and cuts your caching time in half.

Google is the Internet. Born from the motto Don't be evilThey have been proving for a long time that you can make money without being bad, in fact they have revolutionized business models by giving everything for free and making money with it all. Google has coated its search engine (its heart) with great applications in the cloud; it is normal because in the first Internet bubble it was demonstrated that we are not faithful to a web and Google has been making us loyal with: Gmail, Docs or Calendar. But it has gone a step further and has created Android, a good free operating system based on Java that is now on cell phones, but it is ideal for controlling a refrigerator or a car, to reach the Internet of things. Success and time are leading Google to Chrome OS, a free, Linux-based operating system for computers, as well as Chrome, a free browser like Firefox but faster. Google is releasing the drivers that HTC, Samsung or Asus needed because it has made interfaces for humans in free software and put behind it a brand that people trust. They say Ubuntu is Linux for humans but I think that's an overly ambitious claim. The best thing about Google is the hardware independence without forgetting that the commons is attracted to free software and not proprietary software.

In practical terms Google costs you half as much but gets you to use their cloud products.

Your choice.


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  1. Google, even with its shortcomings or the real politik of "half-understanding" a mobile network not entirely neutral, always gives things.
    Although I am not a frequent user of gmail and docs, I find it incredible that they give away blogger and analytics and earth/maps. I know Google somehow monetizes us, but when everyone thinks they get more out of Google than Google gets out of them, and Google keeps getting more and more, it's a perfect win-win. Also better the openness of android than the elitist closedness of apple.

  2. For me, the choice is easy: Apple gadgets and Google software (except for specific things) 😛

  3. Juan, I completely agree, Google makes money and also generates value; it even has the luxury of making a free operating system to monetize it in the Android Store, it's a win-win. The fear I have is that Google has so much information about us that it will be very difficult for us to abandon it, I fear having Google-dependence, but they are the best in cloud; and I already think that the Cloud is an obvious solution for half of the uses. There are many types of cloud, I see your RCS ( as a SaaS; distributed ubiquitous terminals at lower cost, maintenance and with customized and state-of-the-art functionalities. But we have misgivings about Google just as we have misgivings about the Cloud.
    Josek, the point is to save money if you get Android and Chrome OS (in the medium term), besides we are believers of free software even if we are not in a position to waste time with it - at least that's my experience with Ubuntu around to buy the iMac, plug it in and go. But when Google reaches the medium (PCs) there will be the advantage of intermodality between devices powered by Google, and Android is already not far from iPhone OS; even if both are light years away from Symbian and others.

  4. We are going to get on the cloud, either Google's, Apple's (Mobileme -79€/year) or a different one. Who do we trust? I think that in the end we will trust all of them or we will trust none of them at all; so, ruling out ethics to decide on a choice, again the main difference for the choice is the price; Apple costs twice as much as Google but is Premium

  5. You don't really have to decide, it's just a matter of focus and time, the lines are well defined, the one you like the most you take, but you always have the option to change or take both, if your problem is the cost it is obvious that your economic situation has already decided for you.

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