They just don't get it #ebe10

Or, as I would say Pepu Hernandez In-ter-net.
People are not realizing what's going on here, I've already had this sensation a year and a half ago at the World Wide Web 2009. In that case it was even more gory.
The address of the hotel where the event is held Spain Blog Event They don't know what social media is? don't they see the magnitude? haven't they seen that this is a magnificent opportunity to promote themselves? haven't they seen that they run a great risk of being criticized on the Internet?

It is clear that they do not. And the same is happening to companies and institutions, but they just don't get it.

When you see an advertisement for a shampoo on TV, it will be difficult to buy it, but when your cousin from Mojácar recommends that shampoo, it is very likely that you will buy it. Here in Seville, just today there is a large concentration of cousins from Mojacar, but the marketing departments of the companies either haven't heard about it, which I doubt, or they don't understand it.
Yesterday I discussed this topic with Luis Casas and with Juan FreireWe agreed on the magnitude of what is happening, in short, it is that three gentlemen came up with the idea of creating an annual meeting of bloggers five years ago in Seville. Today, 2,500 influencers are gathered here and that communication power is not available in the second edition of today's Saturday news, but they don't understand it.

The Oakley eyewear brand got the Chilean miners to surface with their glasses on, the publicity generated by the valued at 41M$but they don't get it, they don't understand that the Media has changed.


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