Emerging Systems II: Neutrality

The most visual example of an emergent system are the anthills, the ants self-organize because they have no other choice and they are gregarious, they have no hierarchies; and that happens on the Internet because anyone can publish a Wikileaks and overthrow a government.

As long as there is neutrality, the Internet will be built from the bottom up, as it has been done since it began, since the Internet giants of today have little to do with the Internet giants of yesteryear. Google, Twitter or Facebook were built from below. When neutrality is broken, the system will collapse and it will be something different from what we know today. It will no longer be an anarchically transparent ecosystem as it is today, it will probably become an oligarchy.

It will break down because the rules governing an emerging system must be few and clear; and the rules will multiply causing the collapse of this microcosm called the Internet.

I understand that this is a pessimistic view but how many Wikileaks are the powerful willing to put up with? Wikileaks is a product, extreme yes, of net neutrality just like P2P. And that neutrality is being positive for the commons.

Against these theses are history - they have not been able to eliminate P2P -, and the philosophy that you can't take away something people want because then people will take it by hook or by crook.


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