Emerging Systems III: Wikileaks FAQ

1. Mouse that catches the cat, mouse that's going to catch you. What's going on?

That a group of people created a website to air confidential documents, have pissed off several governments and they are waging a dirty war.

2. Dirty war?

Yes, the governments in question are skirting the legislation because they can't find a way to stop this: accusation of rape, DDoS attacks on the website, taking away the Internet domain, taking away the web hosting, and more recently taking away the account to receive donations via the web. But the most serious are the voices calling for the elimination of the one who has been put forward as the head of Wikileaks.

3. But that is a dictatorship.

In today's terminology, a totalitarian regime that arises from the totalitarian and coordinated actions of several countries. As the Great Freire With what happened today with #wikileaks we are all living in China. Now we just need facebook to absorb the rest of the internet.

I know, but I would not like my e-mails to be published.

Neither do I, of course. But this is the staging of a struggle between worlds, a descending one in which power is concentrated in a few and an emerging one in which anyone can take power.

5. And who is the good guy?

No idea. I only tell you that the emergent is newer. Not because there have not been emerging systems before, which there have been and many, but because they have never been as fast as those based on the Internet.

6. And who will win?

If we break the neutrality of the Internet (even more so), communications could be redirected, cut, avoided, slowed down, discriminated against... If that happens, the telecoms will be taking away something we like, the ability to reach distant places quickly and cheaply. In the same way that happened when they showed us the mp3 music format and then took it away from us, many people took to the hills; just as it happened shortly after with the mpeg video format. In short, we will take what was taken away from us.


2 responses to "Emerging Systems III: Wikileaks FAQ”

  1. Javier: I save myself the compliment to the three entries.
    The Internet and its tools are already an emerging system, but we have confused the terms, taking as consolidated what is only the beginning.
    Neutrality is a supervening concept and a norm that is only visible when we see danger against it.
    The great thing about emerging systems is that the rules are so basic and so obvious that they are very difficult to recognize and replicate. As in a contrast test, they are only visible if there is an external factor that highlights them.
    How can bugs like ants organize themselves when they flood their anthill?
    Simple: as long as you do not remove the antennas from all of them, the anthill will survive, with casualties, but it will go on.
    If we are part of an emerging system, we will have casualties, but we will get through.
    ... or so I hope.

  2. Damn, that's good.
    Wikileaks is a wonderful excuse for Vodafone, Movistar and Verizon to create toll roads on the Net; and there will be hundreds of Wikileaks because it is in the very nature of an invention that could have been patented but Sir Tim Berners Lee thought it benefited us all.
    When you put a little ball in a hole in the ground of Zafra and in two seconds it comes out in La Recoleta of Buenos Aires you cannot stop it, it cannot be stopped and the casualties will be martyrs of the Fight for Freedom.
    Imagine the T-shirts with Julian Assange's picture on them when they kill him. But they are very stupid and, I'm afraid, they will kill him; that way 1. Wikileaks will publish all its archive immediately 2. 100 people will swear revenge and take subversion paths.
    They do not realize that this is not the work of an illuminated person, nor the work of an illuminated person's team; now it works in a network with the permission of the telcos, of course.

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