Emerging Systems IV: Collaboration

Man is a gregarious animal; this has been documented since prehistoric times. The movement from rural to the urbano has made us more gregarious and Internet social networks even more so. Whatever they say, using social networks does not anchor you to the computer screen; it has nothing to do with paradigms. programmer o gamer and the latter two are no longer inveterate loners either. On the contrary, not even at a wedding - the quintessential social event - do you see as many people chatting as in Spain Blog Event. The computer is no longer staff to become social and is today a window to the World, like the TV, the street or the openings of our house.

Collaboration is necessary today, not because it is beautiful, but because it is profitable. You are not productive if you do not compete and you do not compete if you do not collaborate. The problem is that neither our prejudices nor our laws are yet prepared for the era of collaboration; but it is given to us so we will have no choice but to adapt heads and legislators to this new situation.

As my uncle says Eulogio, the Internet does not like bigOnly tools like Google are big, and they are called standards. The Internet likes small. And Emergent Systems model the change between many small ones and one big one; and they come to tell us that what is generated is big and of a different nature than the small.

Note: Possibility of low cost startup. A partner search network for geek projects could be nice; it is something that is often missing outside of Iniciador, EBE,... If anyone wants to, the domain jerolo.com is free - jerolo is a colloquial way of saying head.


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