Emerging Systems V: Facebook

Watch out for Facebook, which is on its way to becoming the next bad guy in the movie.

The dominant position it has in the market for Internet traffic in general and social networks in particular, coupled with the testosterone of a waiter 26 years have led Facebook in an aggressive position. Their policies mean that Facebook can get into other websites but not the other way around. Let me give you an example, with your Facebook you can access your Gmail but with your Gmail you can't go to your Facebook account.

As always it is the people who are behind it all. Facebook was created by a group of students to go out for drinks. Google was made by two Lego enthusiasts and computer freaks who, as soon as they began to raise investment, hired a all terrain who had gone through Sun, Novel or Apple to manage the company.

The fact is that there are asymmetry between the Google and Facebook anthills, let's say there is a Gore-tex in between, a membrane that lets through well in one direction but not in the other. Naturally, like Google, Facebook is obsessed with saving information, so it fixes and publishes things that you may not want to be fixed and published.

Of course, to use Facebook you don't have to convince anyone; you sign up, let it swallow your contact list from your email - which is just another social network -, for example, let it swallow them from your Gmail - which Google lets it do - and you will find someone who played rugby with you when you were fifteen and even your mother's friends.

So they say Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook is nailed in his movie: The Social Network.

Note: I use Facebook although I like Twitter the most.


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