Emerging Systems VII: Hierarchies

Hyperlinks undermine hierarchies

Seventh conclusion of the Cluetrain Manifesto

This is a new rule of the game. It doesn't matter if you are Coca Cola or Gaseosas La Pitusa, you can link to anyone (with SGAE's permission) and anyone can link to you, and that undermines hierarchies.

In the Era of Mass Communication that we are leaving behind, you could tell the most interesting thing in the world, and if you did it on the radio in your town, your mother and her friends would hear about it. Not now. Let's go back to Wikileaks, what is wikileaks.org for everyone to talk about it? A website created in 2007? Who are they to go over the heads of reputable newspapers? Very easy, it is a website that many people have considered interesting and therefore have linked to it from their respective pages. Wikileaks is, in short, an ambush on the traditional press. It is not for nothing that Julian Assange, who has been at the head of Wikileaks until todayis a journalist.

Now comes the tricky part, there are many very powerful people comfortably seated at the top of structures, who have no desire to weaken the hierarchies. The problem is that they have not realized that their world no longer exists and they are beginning to force the machine so that nothing changes, but the Change is already made even if they do not want to know it.

A hyperlink goes from one website to another regardless of its physical location or the size of the website; it is a communicating vessel, it is a bridge for content.

When we surf the Internet we are spiders that launch hyperlinks from one site to another, thus creating a network with many dimensions.


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