Emerging Systems VIII: Decisions

If intelligence makes things stand or move and is therefore the engine of change. If that intelligence goes from the bottom up, then the protagonist of the changes is the small one.

If you make decisions in an emerging system you have to take the small into account. You can't model each individual and put the idealized system into a computer because it would take years to make a decision. Nor can you try to mentally add up the interactions.

What you can do is to paint the system with a broad brush, and leave wide sidewalks, as I was saying. Jane Jacobs. Even anti-planning, that is, allowing the system to self-organize. We are back to the few and simple rules of the game and a friendly environment that marked the emergent systems.

Don't do what our governments are doing with Wikileaks, don't cut sidewalks because you will send a message of panic to people; people who will stop believing in the security offered by that system. People who will become disoriented and generate conflict. People for whom Julian Assange will be a martyr of the Struggle for Freedom, people who will tumbarán the Swiss bank's website that collected donations for Wikileaks for example.


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